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(Ashamed) American | Gray-ace Androphile | ADD Aspie | Writer/Gamer/Musician/Podcaster/Human | Librarian | INFP | obsessed with adorable things | smol cinnamon roll 

Welcome to EzloSpirit's Fort, founded 28 January 2020! Here, you'll find primarily text-based posts about whatever's on my mind, be it trans*-related, Doctor Who-related, Dynasty Warriors-related, Pokémon-related, writing-related, or anything else.

NOTICE: As of May 2021, I have departed for Dreamwidth, which appears to be more of a writing-friendly community than here. (No offense to you visual artists intended!) This Fort will no longer be updated following a post containing my new blog URL, and I am no longer accepting DMs from non-mutuals. (If you are a mutual and want to contact me, please only use PF if you have no other method of contacting me.) Thanks for your well-wishes and the like over the past year!

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"Ultimalia Fiction" tag = My original fiction

Togepi is the greatest ever.

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