Unwashed. Unwoke. But trying to be kind. 

List of my stories/'verses - for all the stuff I make up and post.

Blog rules blanket box - more like guidelines, really.

Cautions! - sensitive stuff I may post about.

-Hello! I am a people! You can call me Kalium. I've never really been able to settle on a name that I like for very long but that's what I'm using right now. I love worldbuilding and stories and making stuff in general. 

-I'm sort of semi fannish but not really ("fannish-adjacent" if such a term exists). Things that might be considered "my fandoms". I like the atmosphere of creating for fun and sharing, but prefer to apply it to my own creations and I don't like the assumption that fandom is the default mode of geekiness. I don't interact critically with things I like, I just enjoy them.

You can also find me on Dreamwidth (mirrors this account), Mastodon, or my website, the latter of which is a central hub where you can find most of my stuff, or at least links to it.

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