hi my name's pencilvoid but you can call me pencil or pen or void or pv

i do pixel art, i use paint.net with a mouse. i use palettes most of the time but i'm practising mixing my own colours. i like drawing cute girls and chubby girls and fluffy girls and girls

my main interests are sonic, furry/kemono stuff,  and pixel and low-poly aesthetics. my favourite animals are fennec foxes, rabbits, and sheep. if you come across anything you think i would like feel free to send it to me!

i play srb2 a lot, but i haven't come across any srb2 content on this website yet. you should try it it's really good!!

Links: (i plan to replace these with images soon so they look extra fancy)

art tag here (please look at my art i spend a long time on it)

check out the srb2 community i made it myself

my website here

twitter here

art twitter here

deviantart here

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