My name's Corinne, feel free to say hi. She/her

I use this page as a sort of collection of my random thoughts and pieces I'm working on. Its not a journal, but it is a more intimate tone than I'd usually post on the internets. I post more of my finished work and Serious Art Stuff TM on my Instagram if thats something you're interested in. 

I'm an artist, a witch, and I work primarily in oil paint. Currently I'm painting the Tarot in large scale oil paintings. My goal is for them to have the same feel as frescos from Italy while updating themes to suit our modern times.

I occasionally might post nsfw stuff, mostly in the form of paintings, and sketches. Anything questionable will be tagged and toggled appropriately. 

 I heart anything that makes me smile or seems insightful. I reblog stuff that I think you would like too. 


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