28, she/her, oregon

HELLO. i am a hobbyist artist and attempted writer. currently working on a visual novel project. living with chronic pain and lots of fun brain problems. i love anime, carbohydrates, sailor moon, nintendo, hidden horror games, and my cat.

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some stuff i like in no particular order: sailor moon, avatar: the last airbender, fullmetal alchemist, kiki's delivery service, mad max fury road, castle in the sky, doki doki literature club, sonic the hedgehog, the good place, skies of arcadia, the legend of zelda, stardew valley, puella magi madoka magica

⚠️ please do not repost or edit my artwork. if you want to use it as an avatar or print it for your personal enjoyment that's fine. my full usage rules are on this page of my website.

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