[Adult blog] Maya here. Follow/remove/block free. 3rd wave, they/them or she/her, aspie and Schrodinger's Westerner (might be relevant to some posts), 成人腐, proshipper and extremely different from other girls (corporeal form or lack thereof up for interpretation).

I like: Natsume Yuujinchou and Natonatsu, BL, other anime and manga, sci-fi and cyberpunk, some fantasy, some Western animation, good art, Japanese music, horoscopes, metafandom. 

I dislike: MBTI, pre-apocalypse narratives (fiction or speculation), being called sweet or pure in any variation, assuming I'm from the US (way off), callout culture, other things that I just go and blacklist. 

Personal blog: tags will be arbitrary. Sporadically NSFW. I do tag general content, some most common triggers and flag NSFW. Trigger I'll never post: explicit animal cruelty. Not accepting tag suggestions atm, may do an exception in the future. Bad at telling my own neutral or funny tone from being mean, so pls assume my ignorance and let me know. 


🦎Same handle on DW

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