Snail, they/them!

I like monsters, marine biology (esp. marine gastropods), found families, and people making an effort to be decent to each other. I also like to sculpt small figurines, draw, write, and tinker in my spare time, and I'm trying to learn how to crochet and code (in Ruby) too. I can use a command line semi-competently. Expect photos of my ramshorn snails at some point.


Current favorite books: Murderbot series by Matha Wells, Imperial Radch trilogy + Provenance by Ann Leckie, the Tensorate series by JY Yang, almost anything written by Ursula Vernon/T. Kingfisher, and the Transcendent anthology series. I also have a longstanding affection for Discworld books, and a complicated but mostly loving relationship with Ursula K. LeGuin's work.

Current favorite comics: Beyond anthology series, O Human Star, Awful Hospital, Widdershins, Star Trip, things written by Saladin Ahmed when I can get my hands on them, most Hellboy comics I have read so far

Favorite video games: UNDERTALE, Pokemon (main series titles in general), Psychonauts, Minecraft, Stardew Valley but only with mods

Favorite podcasts: TAZ, Alice Isn't Dead, The Hidden Almanac. I've tried to get into Critical Role but I can't focus on audio for hours at a time like that.

Favorite tabletop: I play Exalted but kind of hate White Wolf, which I'm beginning to think is actually the default for Exalted players, and I'm hoping Onyx Path comes out with the Lunars book sometime this decade because they seem to actually mostly know what they're doing. Otherwise I just kinda do whatever my group is doing. Pathfinder is pretty good.

Favorite TV/Movies: gonna be really boring here and say mostly Ghibli films and Steven Universe. The new She-Ra is pretty cool too. A friend of mine keeps yelling at me to watch Hilda.

Favorite aquatic snails and slugs: Echinolittorina ziczac complex, Nerita versicolor, Planorbis sp, Elysia chlorotica, Limacina helicina, Oliva sayana, Nucella lapillus, whatever the heck they're calling lightning whelks these days, cone shells in general, and honorable mention to the terrestrial snail Cepaea nemoralis.

Favorite materials: polymer clay, epoxy putty, pencil, oil pastel, acrylic, literal garbage if it can be scavenged for parts

Favorite tools: Definitely use small scale sculpting tools, sandpaper, soldering iron, and razor blades most often, but if you have an excuse and really good sound-blocking earmuffs, there are few things as viscerally satisfying as cutting stuff apart with a reciprocating saw.

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