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PorkWithBones here.

Call me Lou. Or Bones. Or PWB.

Co-author of Artisent Chronicles, an ace-friendly sci-fi story which I really wish you’d check out!

Parent to a 16-year-old (Acorn). Writer. I do a lot of reading (mostly through audiobooks), but seldom watch movies or play video games (though I used to enjoy video games in particular) because they tend to trigger migraines.

I  deal with chronic migraines on a near-daily basis. I don’t know whether I’ll write about that part of my life here; it can really get me down.

I knit. I spin. I have recently started to embroider. I have two cross stitch projects in the queue, and we’ll see whether I like it enough to continue it after that. I also make postcards to support my Postcrossing habit when the notion strikes.

As you can tell from my avatar, I like math. And puns.

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