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What is Pillowfort?
art by Lynaiss

What is Pillowfort?

Pillowfort.social is a new blogging platform where fans and creators alike can share their work, create a community of their own, and do so in a positive and safe environment. Pillowfort aims to be a sort of hybrid of your favorite blogging websites-- keeping the strengths of these platforms while compensating for their shortcomings.

Pillowfort's Features

Content Control & Privacy

Control how others interact with text, images/gifs/photosets, video, and audio as well as how your post can be shared--and if other users can comment. Every post has the option to be visible to everyone, visible by your followers or visible only to yourself.

User-created Communities

Create community spaces separate from your curated personal blog to share your interests, hobbies, and fandoms.


Hide posts that contain any terms in your blacklist -- no need for additional extensions or customizations.


When you block someone, you are prevented from seeing their content on your dash or in communities and prevents them from seeing any of your posts as well as removes their ability to contact you through private messages & comments.

Threaded Comments

Keep the conversation going with threaded comments which allows for multiple conversation chains.

NSFW Content Allowed

Automatically mark posts as NSFW (no need to #hashtagit) and other users can easily decide if they want to filter NSFW posts from their feed.

How to join

Joining Pillowfort is easy! For a one-time $5 registration fee you will gain access to our open beta.

This one-time fee helps us pay our expenses such as server costs and compensating our development & support team while we develop our long-term business plan. Registration will be free once we exit open beta.

Pillowfort is committed to keeping our user-experience a priority and not being beholden to outside interests. That is why we chose to be a primarily user-funded platform without any financial assistance from investors or venture capital funding.

Let's go!