Hi, I'm V! (she/her | 30+)

Shipyarn is fandom-inspired hand-dyed yarn!
I am a small indie dyer specializing in small-batch, hand-dyed yarn inspired by anime, books, TV shows, video games, movies, and more!

if you are just here for Pico my Bernese mountain dog, all posts featuring him are tagged: #picopearance

I re-blog my creation posts to several crafting and fandom communities, so that you can filter those re-blogs out, I include the tag: #Shipyarn community reblog

You will still see the original posts if you follow me though!

Where else can you find me? 

I'm @shipyarn on: twitter, Instagram, & tumblr

If you like what I do, and want to help support  fledgling new business, help me fund buying more yarn and supplies by donating to my Ko-Fi! :D

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